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We are MXGames.com, the ultimate website featuring over 5,000 free online games including arcade, action, fighting, shooting, sports, casino, puzzle, skill, board, card, racing, multiplayer, and kids' games. Our site features the best flash games on the Web, such as Dr. Dentist and Dare Devil. We offer only the best games of the highest quality and we regularly update our selection. Each of our games has seen millions of plays and gamers return to our site time and again. For the newest free games on the Web, your search stops at MXGames.com.

This is the site for classic arcade games and so much more when it comes to free playing. We have the ever-popular Frogger, Mario Games, Pacman, and Sonic Games. We even have new spins on the classics like 4 Ball Pong and Candy Tetris, giving these a modern twist. You can search for and play these games and many more here at MXGames.com. Each gaming category is listed separately and you can browse alphabetically or view all available games.

If you cannot get enough of the action, you will enjoy playing games like Alien, Battle Bots, and Gladiator. Shooting games may be more your style, so browse our wide selection that includes 2D Paintball, Avenger, and Quick Draw. Fighting games provide you with the opportunity to get a bit more hands on, and MXGames delivers the best fighting games like Knockout and The King of Fighters. MXGames has hundreds of free action, fighting, and shooting games for you to choose from and our selection is updated daily. We regularly search the Internet to find the hottest new action, fighting, and shooting games for free play.

Sports games are very popular and if those are your preference, you have found the place for the most genuine sports experience on the Web. We believe that we have the widest selection of free sports games available on the Internet. MXGames is your source for soccer, running, basketball, and ski games as well as others based on almost every sport imaginable. We collect these games with our players in mind, which makes MXGames the best source for free sports games.

MXGames.com is the only site you need for playing casino games like craps, roulette, slots, and even horse racing. Many of these games follow the standard rules in real casino play, but some of them have interesting twists. You can build your skills playing the free casino games at MXGames.com without worrying about losing your shirt.

If you are in the mood for a real brain challenge, browse the free puzzle and skill games on the MXGames website. Puzzles like 3D Maze, Abduction, Chinese Sudoku, and Jewel Quest will get your mind functioning at peak performance. The MXGames selection includes games that deal with spelling, memory, science, and differences. If games of skill provide you with some excitement, MXGames offers you Boulder Basher, Helyx Commando, and Nucleus, just to name a few. Our wide assortment of puzzle and skill games will have you playing for hours.

There are more games in the MXGames arsenal, including board, card, and racing games. If you enjoy board games, everything from the classics like Checkers and Mahjong to new games like Dirty Marbles and Troyis can be found here at MXGames.com. Our wide selection of card games includes solitaire, Elite Freecell, and multiple variations of poker and black jack. If racing is your thing, try your hand at 5 Miles 2 Go or Moon Rider, among others. You can play all of these instantly for free at MXGames.com.

You may prefer to play with others rather than on your own and MXGames has you covered in that department as well. We have numerous multiplayer games like Hexxagon, Morpion, and Street Fighter 2 that will have you turning up the competition with your friends. Things get very interesting when each of you is trying to win at any of these free online games featured on MXGames.com.

Adults are not the only people who have fun playing the games at MXGames.com because we have a wide selection of games for the younger crowd as well. Our kids' games include skill builders like Memory, 3 Lines, and Connect 4. Kids who just want to have fun will enjoy games such as Ants, Barbie Dress Up, and Fish Hunter. The games for kids feature all of their television icons and children can browse the selection themselves to find the perfect free game. Once they have mastered these games, they can move on to another kind of game offered by MXGames.

Head to MXGames.com whenever you want to play free online games because we offer the ultimate online gaming experience. Tell your friends about us too, but brush up on your game playing before you try to beat them at our multiplayer games. Feel free to browse and play any game in our multiple categories, perfecting your skills with each session. MXGames.com will quickly become your only source for free online game play.